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Insufficient Mating Material

At the dramatic climax of Forced Mate, the high-handed Prince Tarrant-Arragon decreed that his scandalous, fashionista sister (the one who made a film of herself having sex with an unsuitable and dangerous stranger) should become the liability wife of his defeated political rival.

Further, the rival must undergo identity-changing surgery, be renamed Djetth, and vow never to tell the indiscreet Princess Marsh that he was her last lover. What Tarrant-Arragon does not know is that Djetth has a distinctive tattoo that only his lovers have seen.

The Royal shotgun wedding does not go off without a hitch.

When Princess Marsh sees the tortured condition of her groom as he limps up the aisle, she decides that she is not going to go through with a marriage to this poor substitute --as she thinks-- for the best lover she's ever had, and telekinetically hurls Prince Djetth onto his emaciated rump.

Someone in the royal household decides that this embarrassing couple must die.

Tarrant-Arragon maroons the unhappy (unmarried) couple on a sub-tropical island on the alien planet An'Koor until his sister learns to appreciate a male who knows his way around the sharp end of a hunting knife... not realizing that he's set them up as sitting ducks for a killer.