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Knight's Fork

"I'm at your service in this, Ma'am. I've never refused a fight."

I've never lost one, either!

To his surprise, instead of making a pass at him, she sauntered over to join him at the service niche. She took up the Imperial armorers' sponge in her fingers, and began cleaning and disinfecting the blade of an épée, which showed that she knew what she was doing.

Her curled hand stroked firmly up and down the long shaft, leaving a gleaming trail of moisture when the sponge in her palm had pressed. The erotic suggestion was almost certainly deliberate.
Two could play at that.

Two probably would. They both had a lot to learn, and most of it was about sex, one way or another.

"Are you ready to demonstrate your prowess at sword-play, Your Majesty?"

"Let's make this interesting," she whispered. "I challenge you to a proper duel. To the drawing of first blood. If you lose, you will impregnate me."

He untangled his weapon and stepped back. It was such an unusual reversal of the way these things usually played out that it took a moment to come up with a suitable rebuff.

"If I lose, I impregnate you?" he rasped a follow up question when their actions brought them close enough to whisper again.

"And if you win, you don't have to, darling." She was breathing heavily, and her words were audible. She was shameless! She turned morality upside down. She was in sore need of a very stiff lesson.